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Mozillux is an operating system ready to use for your computer.

No installation ! Insert the DVD or plug in the usb module, turn on your computer, that's it. Mozillux is ready to use.

No modification ! Even if another operating system is already present in your computer, Mozillux will work without changing it and won't modify your computer.

No setup ! No need difficult setup. Mozillux recognizes your hardware and will adapt to your needs. Your favorite softwares are already there and you can access all your files.

Have fun, Mozilla softwares are comfortables and powerfuls ! Find Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, and a whole lot of reknown softwares as LibreOffice, VLC etc.

Definetely turned to SOHO, for home or office uses, Mozillux is stable, fast and safe.
The operating system is the nerve center of your computer, you need to count on it at anytime. Mozillux is able to deliver all computing ressources needed by demanding users.

Stable, Mozillux is built upon a Debian/Ubuntu base. Each software is carefully tested and analysed before being integrated into the operating system.

Fast, Mozillux is finely tuned by an experts team. Each software is carefully set-up to integrate with precision the operating system.

Secure, Mozillux is completely impenetrable to virus and any kind of malwares. Your documents and emails are safe. Your whole internet activity is protected.

Everything is there, you don't need to buy anything more. Each software is a full version, ready to use immediately. There are no ad-softwares, nor limited-test-softwares.

You can use Mozillux-DVD for all your usual office needs. Edit documents, texts or spreadsheets, drawings... Surf the internet, connect to your social networks, share, join... Chat with your friends in direct, or by emails... Play, watch TV, listen radio or your favorite music... Access your files on distant computers or dedicated networks, and all of this at full speed and completely secured.

Wether you use Mozillux at work or at home, you are safe.

Brought to life with love by dedicated programmers, Mozillux is the operating system your computer have been waiting for. You can download for free the DVD and share it freely with all your friends. Or buy online Mozillux USB flashdrive and SDHC flashcards ready to use.


Mozillux has been designed with a particular attention to nomads users. You can run Mozillux without installing anything on the computer. From the one file to download you can build Mozillux on the media that fits best for you. You can burn Mozillux to a DVD, or build your own USB pendrive by following the instructions found in the ZIP file.

You can build Mozillux in different flavors. With Live-DVD you can use Mozillux safely with any computer, with or without an internet connection. You can work in a friendly desktop, save your personal datas in the cloud, play alone or with some friends, without ever having to install anything on the computer. When you want to leave, simply shutdown the computer and no trace will remain of your stay.

You can also use Mozillux on USB pendrive or SDHC flashcard, or an USB external hard drive, or any other storage media. Mozillux Live-USB is the same as Live-DVD, but it is much faster than a DVD and totally silent, compared to a DVD drive. Please note your computer needs to have an USB2 port and be able to start from this USB2 port.

Mozillux Live-USB is available in 2 flavors: that is with or without recording of your datas. The writeable flavor allows you to store your personal informations and travel with them, with no need for an internet connection. Or you can use any computer near of you without leaving any traces of your activity.

You will find detailed instructions by reading the instructions text found in the ZIP file you will download. You can build Mozillux Live-USB flavor with or without recording of your datas (that is writeable or not).

You can also order DVD and USB pendrives and SDHC flashcards online from our partner. They are ready to use. When placing your order, specify if you wish a live-USB (not writeable, cannot save your personal datas) or full system installation (writeable, can save your personal datas). If you wish something specific, with encryption or something else, contact us directly with private message (facebook, twitter) to express your needs.

The flashdrives we use have been rigorously selected to answer the high demands of an operating system. They are strong and fast. Mozillux is optimized to work efficiently with flashdrives as well as hard drives, with or without installation of the operating system.

Mozillux is the operating system your computer is waiting for. The perfect synthesis between Linux and Mozilla softwares. Rediscover the pleasure to use a fast computer, completely secure, and that will not break.


To be able to use Mozillux-DVD, your computer needs to have a DVD drive. It also needs to be able to start from the DVD drive.

Mozillux usb modules requires your computer have USB2 ports and your computer needs to be able to start from a USB2 port. Mosts computers nowadays are able to start from an usb port but some requires a BIOS setup: if this is your case, find out at a specialist store, mosts will do this setup for you for free !

Mozillux is built from a lot of free softwares. Mosts drivers softwares needed by your computer for a smooth run are available, but it can happens for some specific hardware that the vendor did not share the required drivers. Mozillux will look for these drivers your computer need on internet. Then try to play a game, or watch internet TV, to check you have sound and the best display possible.

If you had plan to buy a new computer, test it with Mozillux before you buy to check the hardware is fully compatible with Mozilla softwares and Linux.

Windows software or Mac software do not work with Mozillux.

Usb modules used for Mozillux are carefully selected to resist as long as possible to the intensive use of our operating system. Though, don't risk to lose your datas when your usb module will be used, backup your datas on a regular basis.


You can get Mozillux by different ways:

>> Download here for free the latest Mozillux release

>> Order here your Mozillux DVD, USB pendrives, SDHC flashcards. Check the release number to be sure you order the latest release to date.
We only use high quality hardware and we take a special care to any orders. Your order is secured. You always benefit from the best prices. Deliveries are fast and worldwide.


Your donations support our work and allow us to go on and improve. With your money we buy the required hardware and we pay the bills for servers and everything else needed.

Choose yourself the most convenient amount for your donation with     Flattr this    or   


Today Mozillux exists because of you. Without your help, all of this would not be possible. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


Your brand here ? Join our sponsors and benefits from many advantages !

>> Become one of our project official SPONSOR for a minimum donation starting at 300e for a year !
Companies, associations, individuals, our sponsors benefits from a special treatment:

- your name or your brand is listed on our website for one year and you can even have a banner display.
- your website is hard-written into the browsers favorites on our DVD and usb modules, to ensure your brand a maximum visibility.


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